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At eightytwo Interiors we aim to create spaces that are simplified and functional to create a clear mind and sense of calm in your home or workplace. 

Your home should be a space where you come to unwind and relax. Clutter creates distraction, can be overwhelming and sometimes embarrassing. However decluttering and organising can be time consuming and daunting. This is where we come in.

We work in your home or workplace to declutter and organise your spaces to establish functional systems that work for you and that are easier to maintain. This will save you time, reduce frustration and create more space around your home or place of work. 

We have a non-judgemental approach and will help you to sort what you want to keep, donate, store away and sell (if possible). We don’t apply pressure to throw away anything you are not comfortable with. We are able to take your donation pile to a local charity store and can source and buy storage solutions on your behalf.

With an interior design background we will ensure that your areas are organised to be functional yet aesthetic.

We also provide services for offices and workplaces and have a ‘Selling and Moving House Package’ to help reduce stress during your relocation.

We are available for ongoing visits and re-adjusting of your spaces to keep your organisational systems working smoothly. 

Our Services


Smaller Spaces - $180.00

3 hours of decluttering and organizing.

Ideal for smaller spaces around home such as;

  • Pantry

  • Linen Cupboard

  • Bookshelves

  • Bathroom

  • Kids Bedrooms

  • Wardrobe

Larger Spaces - $550.00

10 hours of decluttering and organizing (completed over 2 consecutive weekdays).

Ideal for larger spaces such as garages.

Selling and Moving House - POA

Declutter and organise areas that will be on show for real estate photos and open homes. 

We can start to pack away belongings that aren’t needed to reduce clutter and speed up the process when you sell.

When you move into your new home, we can unpack, and organise your belongings in the most functional way.

Consultation (Approx 30 minutes) - Free

We will visit your home or workplace and discuss with you what works in the space and what doesn’t, and create a plan of what you want to achieve. 

We will then provide an estimate of hours and what package we think would suit. 

Medium Spaces - $300.00

5 hours of decluttering and organizing.

Ideal for medium spaces around the home such as;

  • Kitchen

  • Master Bedroom including wardrobe

  • Living Areas

  • Garden Sheds

Office or Workplace - POA

Decluttering and organising your office or workplace to ensure high-traffic areas are easy to maintain and important things are easy to find, saving your employees time and frustration.

This may include;

  • Staff rooms including kitchen

  • Storage Rooms

  • Stationery and Resource Cupboards

Additional Hours - $60.00 per hour

Time to complete spaces can vary from the times in the packages stated above. If you need extra time this will be charged at $60.00 per hour.


These hours can also be used for check-ins and readjusting.


Please Note: Minimum booking = 3 hours. If it is shorter you will be charged full session price.

Gift Vouchers

Perfect to give as a gift to someone who would benefit from these services but just doesn’t have the time to do it themselves.A great way to help busy family members or friends from afar.

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