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We create spaces that are creative, functional and client-centered to meet our clients needs and vision resulting in harmonious living.

We achieve this through conscientious attention to detail, up to date knowledge and mastery of materials and techniques.

We dig into the true personality of the home and aim to create designs that represent the nature of the people who love to live there.

Renovating and building can be stressful with pressure on budget, time frame and countless decisions needing to be made.
Our aim is to reduce this stress and minimise hassle in the renovation, building and the design process.

We spend a lot of time in our homes and it is vital that it is a place of relaxation, motivation and a space to create memories.

We would love to hear from you to talk about how we can work together to create a space you love to live in.

Our Services

Design Process

1. Initial Consultation and Brief Development

For our first meeting we like to meet you on site or at our office. We spend this time listening to your brief and asking questions to get a concise idea of the look and feeling you are after. We ask you to bring any images or samples of materials that demonstrate the aesthetic you are after.

We discuss your needs and wants, and if possible we walk around the original space with you to explore what you love and what you want to improve.

Our aim is to get a real understanding of you and your lifestyle to create a space that is functional, creative and demonstrates your personality.

We delve into your style preferences, your timeline and your estimated budget.


After the consultation we will send you an outline of the service we will provide, some information about the design process and an estimate of our costs based on the amount of time we will need to achieve your vision.

2. Concept and Review

We will meet again and this will be a chance for you to have an initial look at the proposed materials and products for your design.
We will view any architectural plans to look at potential layouts of spaces and propose any adjustments that may need to be made to ensure functionality, best design and ease of living for your family is accomplished.

This concept will be constantly referred back to during the project to ensure we are achieving your design goals.

3. Design, Specify and Sourcing

Once the concept has been approved we will begin designing, specifying products and finishes and sourcing these for you.

  • This phase generally includes:

  • Internal and external finishes including; wall and ceiling finishes

  • Internal and external colour schemes

  • Flooring and window treatments

  • Kitchen and bathroom design; including plumbing fittings and finishes

  • Lighting design and selection

  • Furniture selection and sourcing

  • Soft furnishings and accessories selection and sourcing

  • Cabinetry and hardware selection; including wardrobes and built in cabinetry

  • Spatial planning

Designs can be digitally created in 2D or 3D so you are able to visualise the space clearly.

We will confirm orders with you before invoicing and then organise delivery with suppliers.

We will be available during the building and renovation process to carry out site visits to ensure your vision is coming to fruition.

4. Styling

We love to come and complete the final styling of your finished space using existing furnishings and sourced products according to the concept design to create harmonious living. 

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